As Rick was cruising along the interstate, he utilized the practical driving habits he learned from school.

He checked his rearview mirror, both his side mirrors, and then emailed his boss an analysis of his driving efficiency from the month prior.

The road was brightly lit with neon billboards looming over both sides, helping guide Rick down the path he was always destined for. Each billboard had an arrow pointing in the same direction with luminous words of encouragement emboldened beneath them.

While Rick was passing under a billboard that displayed “FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION” beneath its green arrow, he decided to pull out his map and take another gander at the paradise that was his intended destination, the glorious Successland.

Rick had always known he wanted to get to Successland, but he never knew exactly why.

Growing up, he heard tales from his older relatives and mentors that he was bound to be in Successland, so long as he stayed away from the frivolous distractions commonly found in art and the despicable practice of free will.

There was a moment as a child where Rick became interested in recreating what he saw in the form of drawings, but, fortunately for him and his chances of reaching Successland, this moment passed when his father replaced the pencil in his hand with an abacus.

While thinking about all the wonderful things he would do in Successland, Rick started to feel a slight pain arise in his chest. The pain began to increase while also spreading to other parts of his body, forcing Rick to turn on autopilot so he could take his hands off the wheel and remedy his condition.

Before he could grab the necessary pills to heal himself, the pain in his chest evolved into a spasm of extreme pain. Rick ended up slouching over in his car seat as he clutched his chest and stared out at the road ahead of him.

As he drew his final breaths, the car passed under another billboard that Rick was unable to see due to his health episode.

The saying under this particular billboard proudly stated, “WELCOME TO SUCCESSLAND!”

Subject #808&Heartbreak